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When it’s time to schedule commercial pressure washing services, make sure you choose the best company available. There’s only one of those, and it’s none other than Ray’s Window Washing! In addition to our eponymous window washing, we proudly pressure wash properties all across the Costa Mesa community. This includes our area’s local businesses. This is hugely important because our pressure washing adds curb appeal to any property. Which is more attractive to customers: a store covered with moss and dirt, or one that has been pressure washed? It’s clear that our pressure washing, in many cases, is the key to drawing in more customers, thus increasing profits. In other words, our commercial pressure washing services can help your business succeed! Why wait to get started? Contact us online, and we can plan for your appointment next!

During commercial pressure washing, we’ll be able to clean any surface that’s been causing you trouble. Maybe it’s the parking lot; perhaps it’s the outside walls of the business. Whatever the case, just guide us to what needs to be washed, and we’ll wash it. Don’t worry—we’ll make sure no debris is left behind. Dirt, moss, mold, and algae will all be eliminated with the power of pressurized water. The end result is pristine surfaces that catch your eye and bring forth your smile! The best part is that we do it all for a reasonable price. What you’ll pay us is based on the total surface area we wash. No hidden fees. Some of our competitors might try to nickel-and-dime you, but that’s not our style at Ray’s Window Washing!

Commercial Pressure Washing Companies in Costa Mesa CA

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Commercial Pressure Washing Services Near Costa Mesa, CA

Sidewalk Pressure Washing

Sidewalks that have “lost their spark” will get a new lease on life with our sidewalk pressure washing. We use a combination of treatment chemicals and pressurized water to send debris packing, revealing shiny and bright surfaces in its wake. How much sidewalk do you need us to wash? We can even pressure clean entire shopping centers’ worth.

Parking Lot Pressure Washing

No parking lot deserves to be covered in oil and antifreeze stains, so make sure yours isn’t with our parking lot pressure washing. In addition to removing these car fluids from the pavement, we’ll also spray away dirt, grime, and algae. A parking lot that “pops” will draw customers in like crazy. It’s basically inviting them to pull in and park!

Storefront Pressure Washing

No one wants to shop at a filthy store, so try our storefront pressure washing out for size. We’ll spray down the exterior walls and run our surface cleaner along the front walk, making the area look its best. We can even wash your store’s glass panes to make “window shopping” all the easier for your potential customers.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services for Local Property Managers

Helping business owners attract customers is one of the top reasons people choose our commercial pressure cleaning services. However, it’s not the only purpose of this offering. Far from it, actually. Did you know that Ray’s Window Washing also helps local property managers “spruce up” their real estate? It’s true. For example, when landlords need their apartment complexes pressure washed, who do you think they call? That’s right—they call us! We pressure clean the exterior walls of the apartments, as well as the walkways, parking lots, rooftops, and more. This helps landlords retain tenants for longer as well as attract new ones. 

That’s not all, though. Local real estate agents who need to sell a property will appreciate what we can do for them, too. Think about it. What sells more easily? A dirty house, or a clean one? It all ties back to that concept of “curb appeal” we mentioned earlier. You can get that curb appeal without even lifting a finger by scheduling an appointment with us. We’ll do the work for a fair price, too! Get a cost estimate today by calling (949) 304-9854. It’s absolutely free, and it’ll help you get an idea of what you’re getting into well before you schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you and eventually serving you on your appointment day!

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