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Pressure Washing Company in Newport Beach, CA

We are a pressure washing company in Newport Beach, CA that wants to make a positive difference for you! We can’t wait to pressure wash your surfaces until they sparkle.

Pressure Washing in Newport Beach, CA

When you need professional pressure washing in Newport Beach, CA, the best thing to do is contact Ray’s Window Washing, a small business near you. We are locally owned, operated, and always eager to serve our neighbors, and that includes you. So don’t be shy! Reach out to us and let us know how we can help you. Would you like us to pressure wash your front porch, back deck, driveway, or sidewalk? Our professionals can take on these projects, as well as many others. They’ve got the right gear—and experience—for all your pressure washing needs! That’s why you can count on them to spray away all the debris on your property’s surfaces. From dirt and debris to moss and mold, our crew can get rid of it all. The best part is that they’re fast workers! For example, a standard house wash only takes us two to three hours to complete.

Our pressure washing in Newport Beach, CA is nice because it elevates your surfaces, if not your entire property. Dirt and debris, of course, obscure your surfaces and make them appear dark and grimy. With our pressure washing, you can cast away these dirty overcoats and bring out a clean shine instead. It’s more than just a cosmetic improvement. It’s damage prevention, too! All that debris can cause small amounts of damage to your surfaces that add up over time. Make sure they never get the chance to with our assistance. It’s always our pleasure to lend you a helping hand.

Pressure Washing in Newport Beach CA

House Washing in Newport Beach, CA

If your house hasn’t been looking its best for a while, try our full-service house washing in Newport Beach, CA. Our team members love washing houses because it’s the best way to showcase our work to an entire neighborhood’s worth of people! We’re interested in learning more about your residential property so we can prepare for the work ahead of us. So feel free to contact us online and let us know how we can help. In particular, we want to know more about your house’s exterior walls. Are they made of stucco, brick, or vinyl? Are they covered with dirt and mud? How about moss and mildew? And how much service area are you expecting us to cover? Fill us in, and we’ll be able to give you a complimentary cost estimate. That way, you’ll know what you’re paying before we even get there.

Upon our arrival, we’ll get to meet you in person, check out the outside walls of the home, and start washing them! If necessary, we’ll kick things off with a chemical pre-treatment. How this works is simple. We apply a thin layer of a special compound to the outside walls, allowing it to break down debris (especially organic matter) that otherwise wouldn’t wash away very easily. After a few minutes, we can advance into the pressure washing process. We’ll spray down all the outside walls, destroying grime and revealing clean surfaces underneath. Who knew your house could look this good?

House Washing in Newport Beach CA

Roof Cleaning in Newport Beach, CA

Properties should be clean from top to bottom, and that’s what makes our roof cleaning in Newport Beach, CA so important. A dirty rooftop isn’t just unappealing to passersby. It’s also a risk to your roof as a whole. If this debris wears on your roof for too long, it could even result in leaks, and everyone knows how infuriating those can be. So don’t let them happen in the first place. Instead, call us at (949) 304-9854 to start speaking with one of our team members. Then, schedule an appointment on a day that works best for you. We are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Once your appointment is on our books, you can expect to see us in the very near future!

During your roof cleaning appointment, we’ll be on top of your property, soft washing the entire rooftop’s surface. This is the perfect procedure for removing debris and killing organic growths without damaging the roof in the process. In the meantime, you can spend the time however you want. You can even leave the property if you’d like. We’ll call you as soon as we finish our work.

Roof Cleaning in Newport Beach CA

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