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Pressure Washing Company in San Clemente, CA

Do you need the help of a pressure washing company in San Clemente, CA? If so, get in touch with Ray’s Window Washing, and we’ll be there soon to help you out!

Pressure Washing in San Clemente, CA

Our full-service pressure washing in San Clemente, CA is exactly what you need to make your services clean again! We are Ray’s Window Washing, and we are the best pressure washing business near you. We proudly serve people all throughout the Costa Mesa area, and we’d love to be at your service next. If you want an appointment, it’s as easy as contacting us online and letting us know. From there, all your pressure washing needs are in your hands. We’ll arrive with all the equipment we need for the job, including pumps, hoses, surface cleaners, and protective gear. You can expect us to be right on time, too. We’ll take some time to introduce ourselves, unload our things, and take a look at the surfaces you’d like us to wash. Then, once we’ve put together a plan of action for the work ahead of us, we’ll get right to it! Keep your distance as we pressure wash, whether we’re spraying down your porch, deck, driveway, or something else. That way, you can stay safe as we make your surfaces glow!

Pressure washing isn’t too complicated of a process. Let us explain how exactly it works. We begin by determining if a chemical pre-treatment is necessary. (If it is, we’ll put a special cleaning agent on the surface-to-be-washed, letting us easily deteriorate any tough debris.) Next, we’ll actually pressure wash the surface. The way we go about this depends on the surface. Flat, ground-based surfaces can be washed with our surface cleaners. Everything else will be sprayed down with our pressure washing hoses. The final result is the same—immaculate surfaces that are brighter and smoother than before! This adds curb appeal to any property immediately, which is something that all our clients will appreciate.

Pressure Washing in San Clemente CA

House Washing in San Clemente, CA

Another one of our most popular services is our house washing in San Clemente, CA. You can probably imagine why if you’re a homeowner. Do you really want to spend hours upon hours pressure cleaning your home for yourself? Chances are, the answer is no. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’ll be able to do all the work for you! During a typical house washing project, we’ll pressure clean all the outside walls of the property—a process that only takes us two to three hours. We’ll make sure that all dirt and debris is removed during pressure washing. This includes organic matter, too. So, if you’ve got algae, moss, and mold on your home’s outside walls, we’ll destroy it all in no time. That way, it stops reproducing and spreading, finally leaving your house alone!

All homeowners in San Clemente, CA are invited to schedule a professional house washing appointment with us. Not only that, but we’d also like to serve local property managers, too. We’re talking about HOAs, real estate agents, and landlords who need assistance with their residential properties. We can get your neighborhood’s properties “up to code”, or we can make them more attractive to prospective buyers on the real estate market. No matter who you are, you’ll benefit from the curb appeal we add to your residential property. Ray’s Window Washing makes a world of difference for neighbors like you!

House Washing in San Clemente CA

Roof Cleaning in San Clemente, CA

Looking for professional roof cleaning in San Clemente, CA? This is yet another one of the services we can offer to you at Ray’s Window Washing. We begin by climbing up to your rooftop and examining the entire surface. Then, we treat the entire area with a biodegradable chemical that breaks down tough grime. (This is especially helpful when we’re dealing with moss and mold. The chemical actually kills these growths almost immediately.) Finally, we use a soft washing method to make that dirt and debris go away for good. Just like that, your rooftop will go from filthy to pristine, and what’s not to like about that? 

The best part is that our roof cleaning, just like our other services, won’t cost you an exorbitant amount of money. We offer reasonable prices with no hidden fees because we think you deserve it! We’ll even give you a free cost estimate if you’d like. Just call us at (949) 304-9854, let us know about your roof, and we’ll let you know you can expect to pay us during your appointment.

Roof Cleaning in San Clemente CA

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